Why I Haven’t Been In Church In Seven Years – Shugatiti

Ghanaian social media influencer, actress and chef known as Shugatiti has said that she hasn’t been in the church in seven years for some reasons many may consider unacceptable, frivolous or even mischievous.

Hear her: “It’s been over seven years now. Church is a place they practice favoritism and sin is plentiful. If you go there, the instrumentalists want to sleep with you. The pastors want to sleep with you. Everybody wants to sleep with you. And if you don’t give in to them nobody talks to you.”

“Those kinds of words put me off. That’s why I don’t like going to church, I don’t want to see those things. So, right now, if I need something I just pray and fast about it, and I get it,” she added.

Shugatiti isn’t exact a virgin or a green-eyed shy girl next door, she’s renowned for sexy demeanor and outlandishly sensual lifestyle and steeze. As an actress, she has starred in many erotic movies and showing off some skin, to her, is as natural as the sun in the day.