Fantana Is A Smart Girl To Realize Music Isn't Helping Her - Sally Mann

Entertainment analyst, Sally Mann has given singer Fantana a thumbs-up for choosing a career in acting and playing a role in the Netflix reality show “Young, Famous & African”.

Fantana, whose fame, up until now had taken a nose dive, has been resuscitated after a scene of her having a passionate kiss with one of the cast in the reality series went viral over the week.

Taking advantage of the fame and opportunities that the reality show is bringing to her, the singer has released a new song titled "Your Man".

But to Sally Mann, Fantana's music career died a long time, therefore her only shot to becoming successful in the entertainment realm is her new found love - “Young, Famous & African”.

To her, Fantana is a smart lady to notice she wouldn't break through with her music.

"She is one person whose music career or music couldn't help her but if it (music) is not helping, she should be known for something...I think she is smart. Me, I like smart girls like that. When you come into a space and feel you should have taken a certain course but the course doesn't go well but you find another opportunity, then ask yourself what can I do? And you take advantage of the opportunity, I don't see anything wrong with that," she said on "United Showbiz" on UTV.