I Won't Begrudge Anybody Who Says Black Sherif Has Joined The 'Illuminati' Fraternity - Arnold Asserts

Entertainment pundit, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has jumped into discussions concerning Ghanaian musician, Black Sherif's animated display of what has been widely circulated on social media as a symbol of Baphomet, a satanic diety connected to the Illuminati society.

Baphomet is seen as a god worshipped by people who source their power and existence from satanism and is mostly associated with the occult group known as Illuminati and idolized by members of the church of satan.

Black Sherif, in his recent concert successfully held at the Palladium in Times Square, New York City in the United States, while performing projected an animated object similar to Baphomet leaving some of his fans and critics claiming he has either joined or shares allegiance with Illuminati.

Reacting to these speculations during UTV's Saturday's entertainment show "United Showbiz", Arnold Asamoah corroborated the claims explaining that the symbol that Black Sherif displayed indeed has a semblance of Illuminati.

He stressed that he will not begrudge any person who attributes the symbol to Baphomet or anyone calling out the "Kweku the Traveller" hit maker to be a member of Illuminati which has been associated with the likes of American rap artiste, Jay Z and his wife, Beyoncé, Kanye West among other musicians including Ghana's rap king, Sarkodie.

To Arnold, it is not far from right for someone to say Black Sherif is joined the Illuminati fraternity.

"I won't begrudge anybody who says that because that sign has its meaning and origin. If I see such a sign as a tattoo on your body or a sticker on your car, I have every right to [you know] interpret it as I want based on the fact and the fact is the baphomet is connected to satan.

"I mean church of satan; I think that somewhere in 2014, the satanic temple argued in an Oklahoma court that they should place that sign and the ten commandments side by side and exhibit it in Oklahoma. It actually went to court. So, let's understand the fact that that sign is connected to satanic church", he stated.

However, in his candid view, he strongly believed Blacko displaying the Baphomet-like object is a powerful marketing strategy to market his music and to remain topic for discussion and the cynosure of all eyes.

"Let's see as part of marketing strategy that artistes, over the period, play with our minds. Every connection to Illuminati or the satanic temple has been conspiracy theory", he asserted.