Government Must Remove All Taxes On Sanitary Pads To Push Cost Down - NDC SA Women's Wing

The second phase of the South African  National Democratic Congress (NDC) Women's Wing Sanitary Pads project visited Effiduasi Asokore Constituency with a call on the government to waive all taxes on sanitary pads.

This, according to the NDC SA Women's Wing, would reduce the cost of sanitary towels which invariably would improve women's menstrual hygiene.

In a shared value of assisting the less privileged and also energising the base of the NDC, the donation ceremony was held at the Tijaniya Senior High School in Effiduasi Asokore on Sunday, March 3, 2024. The programme was themed "Empowering Girls Through Menstrual Hygiene - Victory for John Mahama".

Delivering a speech at the function, Madam Wilbertina Buxton, SA NDC Women's Wing Organizer underscored the urgent need and the reason why the government must adhere to their advocacy of waiving all taxes on sanitary pads.

This, according to her, would not only lower the prices of the pads on the market but, encourage more girls to use hygienic sanitary pads to improve their well-being and enhance their confidence as well.

Madam Buxton noted that this particular activity started last year and normally was done in August to coincide with SA Women's Month. "But, because this year is an election year, we've decided to run the project across the entire country. We've been to Oti Region and this is the second region we're visiting", she stated.

Dovetailing into politics and juxtaposing the cost of sanitary pads to the economy, she emphasised that the era where rags and other unhygienic materials were used by girls during their menses was over. However, the current bad governance by the NPP has made it difficult for girls to procure pads hence, their decision to step in with the project to help.

She paid glowing tribute to Mr Benjamin Kofi Quashie, NDC SA Council of Elders Chair, for being the main sponsor of the sanitary pad project.

In the company of Madam Buxton were Mr Benjamin Quashie, Gloria Huze, Ashanti Region Women Organiser and her deputy, Ibrahim Adams, Effiduasi Asokore Constituency Chairman of the NDC, Efiduase Asokore Constituency Women Organiser and the Constituency Executives.

The others were Stephen Atuahene, Ayensuano Constituency Vice Chairman and some of Ablekuma West Constituency Women’s Wing Executives.