Mahama Shoots Down "Ghana Already Operating 24hr Economy" Claim In A Q And A Session (FULL DETAILS)

Former President John Mahama has addressed some questions raised as far as his 24-hour economic policy is concerned.

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress plans on implementing this policy to deal with unemployment in the country as well as increase productivity.

However, the ruling government believes some sectors of the economy are already operating 24 hours; hence it's nothing new.

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia speaking to this policy said “Today, there are many businesses that are already working for 24 hours. Hospitals are open for 24 hours. You can buy electricity for 24 hours. Because of digitalisation, you can transfer money for 24 hours. There are many chop bars and restaurants that are open for 24 hours"

In a Q and A session, Mahama says such claims "are terribly wrong"

"Currently, Ghana does not have any deliberate policy that supports or incentivizes businesses or companies to operate 24/7. The 24-hour economy strategy will be the first government policy intervention that will provide tax incentives, cheaper and reliable power and in some cases, financing support for businesses that operate 24/7 in Ghana. This is what makes the policy a novelty.

The fact that few companies currently operate 24/7 in Ghana does not mean that the 24-hour Economy is already being implemented. This is because such companies operate on their own without any support whatsoever from government. More importantly, the fact that few companies currently operate 24/7 in the country goes to show that the 24-hour Economy is possible, has a huge potential and can create more sustainable jobs if properly supported by a deliberate government Policy intervention".

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