I Have Many Professionals Ready To Work With Me As President - Ken Agyapong

Presidential aspirant Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has reacted to assertions that he was not an intellectual, was temperamental and therefore was not a "presidential material."

Reiterating his seriousness about the campaign to lead the governing New Patriotic Party to Election 2024 and why he was the best candidate for that role, Mr Agyapong said those making the assertions and the views that he was not a presidential material were not aware that he has a strong force of university professors, lecturers and professionals behind him that are ready to work.

He said all those intellectuals, professors, lecturers and professionals were highly convinced that "Kennedy Agyapong has a message" and is the one who can help to "break the 8" for the NPP. 

"I have met at least 45 of them [professionals] in Accra. Monday, I am going to meet lecturers at Tech [KNUST]. Many of these intellectuals have seen and are aware that Ken Agyapong has a message and want Ghanaians to give Ken Agyapong the chance," Mr Agyapong said when he addressed a health walk dubbed, "The Showdown Walk" in Accra on Saturday [Sept 16]. 

Pragmatic plans

Mr Agyapong listed some of his pragmatic plans on why he should be the one to lead the NPP to Election 2024. 

Explaining why he will not step down from the competition with Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and two others, Dr Owusu Afriyie Akoto and Francis Addai Nimoh in the race to elect a flag bearer for the NPP, Mr Agyapong said he has big plans to help transform Ghana's economy.

"The opportunity is there to break the 8 with Ken Agyapong. Don't go and make a mistake and take money and vote otherwise, you are voting for your destiny, you are voting for your children and unborn children," he told the gathering some of whom were NPP delegates who will be selecting the flag bearer on November 4 and impressed on them to convince all delegates to vote for Ken Agyapong.

For the well-being of the country, we need pragmatic leaders, we don't need theories, book long people... we need people who will speak our local dialects, Twi, Ayigbe [Ewe] and Dagbani for it to turn around and reflect as monies in our pockets, he said in the Twi language.

He said he would use tourism to turn the country around and would ensure that he will reverse the trend of the migration from northern Ghana to the south in search of job opportunities.

Rather, people from southern Ghana will rather migrate to the north to take advantage of the numerous large-scale agricultural opportunities because of the vast availability of lands compared to the southern parts of Ghana. 

"There is one man in Ghana that voters are ready to give him the nod if NPP should allow him to lead and that is Kennedy Agyapong. Ghanaians are willing to give Kennedy Agyapong the opportunity to lead this country because as an ordinary member," he has already demonstrated that with the establishment of companies and his philanthropic moves.

He added that in the history of Ghana, economists, lawyers and soldiers have been voted into office to lead and now Ghanaians are saying "Let's give a businessman the chance and see what a businessman can do. Of all the contestants, including that of the opposition NDC, when it comes to business, I stand tall". 

Mr Agypaong, who is currently the Member of Parliament for Assin Central said the New Patriotic Party per how things have been managed lost the 2024 elections in 2022 due to three major economic reasons.

One being the massive depreciation of the cedi and financial losses recorded by the middle class and pensioners.

Mr Kennedy Agyapong said the NPP has already lost the 2024 elections attributed the supposed defeat to the cedi depreciation, which, he said has destroyed business and depleted the savings of many Ghanaians in the middle class as well as the investments of many pensioners. 

“We lost the 2024 elections in 2022. At the time the Ghana cedi destroyed the hard work of many businessmen, all the way to the tomato seller. Ghanaians will never forget that.

"The time the middle class went to court because their monies were lost, and the time the pensioners had their monies gone, Ghanaians will remember that,” he stated.

He, however, reassured the people that Ken Agyapong was that person in the NPP who is always looking out for the masses and making sure no such situation happened again.