Make Youth Development In Peace A Priority - UN Peace Amb To African Leaders

The UN Eminent Peace Ambassador to Ghana, Dr Samuel Ben Owusu has urged African Leaders to make youth development in peace a major priority.

His advice is based on the fact that the youth is the bridge to a stronger and sustainable future for the Nation.

He said this at a National Press conference on Observing United Nations Charter Day, 2022 in Kampala, Uganda.

The press conference was attended by various African Peace Ambassadors from different nations including Amb. Sammy David from Liberia, Amb. Emmanuel Nkweke who is the World Peace Spokesman from Nigeria, Amb. Johnson Elhatt from United Arab Emirates, Amb. Livingstone Banjagala of Uganda is the Head of Missions.


Speaking at the event, Dr Samuel Owusu encouraged the Nations to propel their attention into strengthening their youth and to push for the beacon of hope for all in a peaceful manner.

As a strong advocate for African Youth Peace development, Amb. Samuel Owusu was of the belief that if African Leaders do not strengthen their youth, the future of the nations will perish.

According to him, it is the reason he has worked tirelessly in his country by organizing peace rallies, pushing for a peaceful transition in the election, including speaking at the 2021 UN conference which focused on building the youth since his induction as a Peace Ambassador.

Due to his work, Uganda is hungry for his insight and prescription on how to build forward, empower its youth, and sustain peace.